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Like many manhuas, 1/2 Prince chapters are broken into several story arcs of which there are currently 11 as of July, 2011. The following are the arc names, a description of the arc's plot and its chapters.

Please note that none of the arc names are canon.

Rookie arcEdit

Rookie arc

It is the year 2100 A.D.; humans had developed an extremely realistic virtual reality game. Feng Xiao Lan made a bet with her brother and vows to beat the game without using her "female benefits". Due to this, she becomes the first transvestite of "Second Life" and had to deal with same problems as any other male player.

Number of Chapters
  • 001. A Prince Is Born

Odd Squad arcEdit

Odd Squad arc

Prince (Feng Xiao Lan) and his newest friend, Lolidragon continue to improved their skills and had exciting adventures along the way. They confront more independent avatars and formed a new guild, Odd Squad.

Number of Chapters
  • 002. A Gentle Wolf
  • 003. The Necromancer And The Wondering Bard
  • 004. The Prince And The Bard
  • 005. Rivals
  • 006. Miwa

Tournament arcEdit

Tournament arc

Prince and his new guild decided to join the Adventurers' Tournament to improved their skills and had fun as well. The winner will receive a piece of land to build their own city for their own. Meanwhile, Prince had to deal with more problems in the real world.

Number of Chapters
  • 007. Yulian vs Wolf-Nii
  • 008. The Contest Begins
  • 009. Invincible Food
  • 010. Odd Squad Inspired
  • 011. Final Match To Promotion
  • 012. Besieged On All Sides
  • 013. A White Lie
  • 014. Zhou Ling Bin And Ou Yang Mei
  • 015. Grand Mix
  • 016. Truth, Exposed
  • 017. BL Dream
  • 018. Nan Gong Zui
  • 019. Unremorseful Battle
  • 020. Clash
  • 021. The Final Winner

Nan Gong Zui arcEdit

Nan Gong Zui arc

The tournament is finally over; Odd Squad had won and receives a piece of land. Prince feels something was wrong with Nan Gong Zui and searched for him. What does he discovered?

Number of Chapters
  • 022.1. Total Gathering

Gui/Wicked Side-story arcEdit

Gui/Wicked Side-story arc

Gui (Ming Ju Wen) was reflecting his life, as well his virtual. He explained what was going on before playing Second Life and his feelings for Prince were becoming real. Wicked (Zhuo Ling Bin) goes through a similar experience reflecting his pasts and wanting to tell Feng Xiao Lan his true feeling.

Number of Chapters
  • 022.2. Diary
  • 022.3. Wicked Special

Eastern Continent arcEdit

Eastern Continent arc

Prince wakes up on a strange ship that was leaving the Central Continent and was going to the Eastern Continent. He was had a hangover to realizes that he went on a ship. He had to face new adventures and dangers, so he could return home. He meets new friends and enemies along the way.

Number of Chapters
  • 023. Another Continent
  • 024. Jing And Wen
  • 025. The Distant 5000 Crystal Coins
  • 026. Demon Lord Kenshin
  • 027. The Concealed Mission
  • 028. Satan

Infinite City Invasion arcEdit

Infinite City Invasion arc

An epic battle has begins at Infinite City without their leader, Prince. Fan and his allies are taking the lead at the start of the battle. Infinite City’s armies are being outnumbered. Will it be too late for Prince to save them?

Number of Chapters
  • 029. The Battle Begins
  • 030. Infinite City Will Never Fall
  • 031. Game Start

Rock & Roll Concert arcEdit

Rock & Roll Concert arc

After winning the battle, Infinite City needs to recover and rebuild. They decided to create a rock and roll band concert to get quick cash to pay for the repairs and expand of the Infinite City from the growing population.

Number of Chapters
  • 032. French Kiss
  • 033. The Traveling Buskers
  • 034. The Hazardous Busking
  • 035. Military Parade
  • 036. The Date
  • 037. An Uninvited Guest
  • 038. A Fair Sky Is Meant To Blossom With Sunshine

Reputation arcEdit

Reputation arc

The Sun, Moon and Star cities decided to join alliances to take down Infinite City because Infinite City has become a bigger threat toward them. What will Prince do to defend his reputation and the safety of his city?

Number of Chapters
  • 039. The Title of the Undefeated Champion
  • 040. Battle of the Aces
  • 041. Differences in Reputation
  • 042. Wacko and Dan Dan
  • 043. The Horrors of Self-Aware NPCs
  • 044. The Daily Necessities of a Man

Central Continent Conquest arcEdit

Central Continent Conquest arc

Prince and his armies are invading all of Central Continent after his failed attempt to improve his reputation, but all his enemies join together to form an alliance. Will Prince control all of the Central Continent before his new foes invade his kingdom?

Number of Chapters
  • 045. The Invasion
  • 046. The Three Cities Unified

NPC Rebellion arcEdit

NPC Rebellion arc

Prince have finally conquered all the cities of Central Continent. He is having a meeting with all the remaining overlords about their current situation with the mystery assailants.

Number of Chapters
  • 047. The Meeting of the Five Overlords
  • 048. Divine Beast, an Rui
  • 049. Caelus' Return
  • 050. The NPC Rebellion
  • 051. The Secret of Second Life
  • 052. Extraordinary Battleship
  • 053. Journey to the North
  • 054. The Disappearance of Wicked


  • Gui/Wicked Side-story arc is the only arc to not focus on Prince, but rather Gui and Wicked respective of their feeling toward Prince/Feng Xiao Lan.
  • Unfortunately, sorry for The Dictator of Life. Gui and Prince would be together in the end.

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