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Lee Tian Lang
Lee tian lang
Nickname N/A
Ethnicity Taiwan
Birthday  ?
Age  ?
Gender Male
Height about 2m (6'6)
Weight  ?
Eyes Brown
Hair Blond
Blood Type  ?
Professional Status
Occupation College Doctor
Education Doctor Level
Personal Status
Marital Status Married to Yu-Lian
Relatives N/A
Pet N/A
Status Active
Second Life Player
Avatar Ugly Wolf
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Volume 3, Chapter 1 (Game 12)
Novel Debut Volume 2, Chapter 4 (Chapter 12)


Lee Tian is tall and has blond hair. Although not handsome, Xiao Lan describes him as "stylish in his own right."


His real life personality is slightly more formal than his in-game Ugly Wolf personality, especially with students, but he is just as kind and considerate as his furry counterpart. He is also easily embarrassed and more shy than in-game.


At some point, he became the physician for the school clinic at XXX university. He also became interested in virtual reality games and started to play them.


Tournament arc

After meeting Feng Yang Ming and confusing him for Prince, Ming Gui Wen visited Lee Tian Lang (Ugly Wolf) in the school clinic to tell him about his encounter and how he did not seem to recognize him. Lee Tian suggested that Gui ask Prince in-game later that night, which he did.

Soon after this, Feng Xiao Lan learned from Gui in-game that Ugly Wolf was the physician at her school. She then went to the school clinic and told Lee Tian Lang that she was having stomach pains. While he was helping her, she got a good look at him and saw that he looked a lot like Wolf. When he handed her a waterbottle, she called him Wolf-dage which surprised him. To cover up the fact she was Prince, she told him that Gui had told her about him and the other members of Odd Squad. She then told him that she was not really in pain. He then had her sign her name on the patient log-sheet before she left. Right after she left, Gui Wen came to see Lee Tian. Gui asked hime if she was okay. Lee Tian said she was fine and then asked what the relationship between Xiao Lan and Yang Ming was. Gui then told him that they were twins. This made Lee Tian wonder because Xiao Lan reminded him of Prince, but he put it down a sibling similarity.


Feng Xiao Lan

She is a student at the school that he works at. She came to visit him once to see what he was really like in real life.

Ming Gui Wen

They are collagues and good friends. Gui frequently visits Lee Tian in the clinic to chat and ask for advice.