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Dan Dan
Nickname Sweetie (Wacko)
Race Human
Gender Female
Job Summoner
Level 1+
Original Location Western Continent
Professional Status
Occupation Member of Halcyon City, Lieutenant of Halcyon Team
Guild Halcyon Team
Base of Operation Halcyon City
Personal Status
Marital Status Married
Relatives Wacko (Husband)
Status Active
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Volume 8, Chapter 2 (Game 42)


Personality Edit

In an extra chapter of the light novels telling about the personalities of the overlords, it is discovered that Dan Dan is obsessed with beautiful things which is how she met her husband Wacko.

Synopsis Edit

Reputation arcEdit

Current arcEdit

Equipment Edit

Dan Dan wields a long staff.

Powers & Abilities Edit

She is the 5th strongest summoner in Second Life.

Summon SkillEdit

  • Capture: Able to capture a monster and become her servant.

Summon Skill (Armor)Edit

  • Inferno Aegis: A large golden armor.
  • Combine: Fuse to a player and increase their attack and defense.

Summon Skill (Monster)Edit

  • Purple Rode Nymph (Lv80): A nymph dressed in a purple rode. She uses her beauty to charm her opponents from attacking her. Her weapon is her claws.
  • Stone Golem: A large stone golem. He uses his body as a weapon.
  • Yuki-Onna: A female ice spirit.
  • Ice Chain: Shooting a long ice chain to immobile it's target.
  • Ice Lock: Shooting a long ice chain to imprison it's target.

Summon Skill (Weapon)Edit

  • Aqua Chain: Shooting an aqua chain to immobile it's target.
  • Blood’s Edge (Lv95): A long sword. A deadly weapons that can repeatedly attack it's opponent with major damages.

Trivia Edit

Dan Dan is, so far, the only player seen to have the job of Summoner.

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