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Central Continent is the most focus continent in the series.


The ruler of individual continent by having some or completed controlled of all the cities. Another way is being the most famous avatar on the individual continent.


Infinite CityEdit

Infinite City is in the central of the continent.

Moon CityEdit

Moon City is in the east of the continent.

Star CityEdit

Star City is in the west of the continent.

Sun CityEdit

Sun City is in the south of the continent.

Minor LocationEdit

Adventurer’s GuildEdit

Area to recruit new members for any guild.

Newbie VillageEdit

The first place for rookies before exploring the new world.

Ship DockEdit

Ship is needed when traveling to another continent. It is located near Moon City.

  • Passport: Need $5000 Crystal Coins and $3 Gold Coins to purchase. Can only be use once.

Tournament StadiumEdit

Tournament for guild to battle each other to win prizes. Two tournaments are held once a year.

Monster LocationEdit

Broken ValleyEdit


Dragon Fury MountainEdit

  • Dragon Reward:
  • Dragon XXX: A player may receive 1 Dragon XXX which is worth 1 Gold Coin.



  • Flesh Eating Slime Reward:
  • Knife: A player may receives a knife.
  • Pouch: A player may receives a pouch to contain items.


  • Wolf Reward:
  • Wolf Fang: A player may receive 1 Wolf Fang. 10 Wolf Fangs are need when switching a job.
  • Wolf King Reward:
  • Pet Egg: A player may receive a pet egg.

Valley of the Wandering NymphsEdit


  • Each of the cities are named after celestial bodies except Infinite City, a player-named city.

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