• Touchmykeyblade

    woohoooooooo i am so pumped that my claymore is under construction! i tried to get everything PERFECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO EVERYTHING ELSE ,soooooo whenever i look at it i think "oh god it's so great oh god its so great!"

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  • Guiandprince

    mine are


    2. Yulian and Wolf

    3. Wu Ching and lolidragon

    4. and maybe Caelus and Doll

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  • Sleeplessnight

    My favorite story arc had to be Infinite City Invasion arc because they was so much actions, comedies and a strong storyline between Prince and his servants as well, his pets.

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  • Death on horseback

    Loving Gui

    August 4, 2010 by Death on horseback

    So hopefully we all know how Gui's love for Prince began(chap 25.5) but Im wondering about how other people have thier point of veiws.

    Personally I think it more of motherly love,so please tell the fans your thoughts.

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  • Death on horseback

    So now we are finally at the start of the invasion of Sun city(or what ever Van is calling it) what do you think will happen? A well thought out trap, a massive army, or Ice Phionix fighting along side Van. I think Van has hired extremely powerful gaurds to weaken prince so he can have the final blow.

    Just post your thoughts.

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